Sunday, July 1, 2007

Was This a Date?

My dear daughter is growing up quickly. Maybe because she's my youngest, time sure seems to be flying. All of her chores have been done, and she has been such a help around the house, she asked me if she would be able to go to the mall to meet an old friend. I knew that it was a guy, but someone that she went to school with years ago. We said yes because she knows not to leave the mall and knows all the "rules." They went to the movies, that was inside of the mall, and walked around and watched the magic show in the court of the mall. They were supposed to eat something but when we picked her up, she had not eaten. My daughter will be 14 next month. She does not wear make-up or fancy clothes. She is such a beauty and is very interested in playing her flute and riding horses. Not much into boys....but is this about to change? I asked her later if he tried to kiss her, and she laughed and say "oh mom, we are best friends" and that meant no. I don't know about all of this, and yes, I have 4 grown kids before her and have been through this HOWEVER, she is my baby.

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