Friday, August 14, 2009

Quinceanera Checklist--- A Double Check

Here is a second checklist of help when planning your daughter's quinceanera...........

1. Make sure if she or her party is changing for different dances that they have all their clothing packed and ready, packed in a small bag for easy location.
2. Good communication is important with your band or DJ especially if you are making your own CD of music to make sure your CD will play in their equipment, and if not, make sure they know what songs you want played, especially for the dance.
3. Talk with your photographer to make sure they know exactly what pictures you want.
4. Don't over order the cake because not everyone wants a piece and you will have left overs.
5. Ensure that the location you are renting has ample room for the quinceanera and her party to takes more room with more damas and their partners.
6. When deciding on food to serve, make sure you do not serve foods with alot of messy sauce that may be spilled easily.
7. Balloons make excellent decorations, especially on a budget.
8. Make sure the quinceanera's party knows what time you expect them there.
9. When decorating the hall yourselves, make sure once youv'e made your decorations, you pack them up in boxes that will make it easier to carry into the hall.
10. Don't forget to have fun, because it is alot of work.

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Anonymous said...

I had a blast at my quince I had a chocolate fountain the whole nine yards!!!!!! I had a beautiful ball gown and gorgeous dama dresses !!!! i got them at nikki\'s dressing room. I thought i wasnt going to be able to find anything but thanks to them i found that special somthing i was looking for at their store