Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving Our Horse

Having a horse is a wonderful thing, however, as of late, I am having a great deal of frustration. We're having to move our horse because my daughter is leaving. I need to move our horse closer to me. Having her  about 25 minutes away right now isn't going to work anymore and since she's been there, we have never been late on a boarding payment., and have always told the boarding lady that we would be moving our horse when my daughter moved. No contracts involved and all during the year, we reminded her about the upcoming move. So, I called the lady yesterday and she went bullistic on me. She argued with me about moving  her, stating that she had plenty of young girls who would lease her and she could stay there as she has been. After talking things over and much thought, we  decided to still  move her because that's what we've always wanted to do. This lady was so darned mad at me that when I told her our decision, she was very mean and rude to me...and when I ended our conversation, I told her " thank you"  and that I appreciated her...her answer was " I bet you do". My question is, why do people have to be so mean?  I know that she's going to miss the money, but this was a decision made along time ago. My daughter went to the the barn last night to get her personal belongings and discovered that some of the younger girls there have been using her new saddle without permission and her bareback pad, leaving it out and not putting it back into her things. We were appalled. I have always taught my daughter never to borrow things without asking, and to always put things back the way they were found. Tomorrow will be moving day, and I will be very glad.

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