Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teen Goals For The Future

Does your teen have any goals for their future? Do you know what type of dreams they have for their future? Well, I think that every child is different, some not sure of what they want until they reach their senior year or beyond, but my daughter has already decided that her future is in the equine field. She wants to be a horse veteranarian and travel to different farms for her services. She also wants to learn how to shoe a horse as well. All of her high school classes are geared towards this goal. I am very proud of her but I also want to state here that it's okay for a young person to not be yet decided because there are so many things out there these days and the future has alot of great things in store. Times will be harder for our children and our grandchildren, that's for sure, but having some sort of goal gives them something to work towards. What are your teen's goals? Have you sat down and talked to them about them?

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