Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Daughter Is Now A Navy Sailor

I can't believe that the time has finally come....my daughter, my baby, my teenager is now a Navy sailor. She finished boot camp in just a little under 8 weeks. The waiting was terribly hard on me, but I knew that she was doing what she wanted to do in life...she wanted something different...she wanted to be able to help others through her work by going into the Navy and being a hospital corpsman (medical) and now she has completed boot camp and now in training for her hospital corpsman job. I am proud as can be. The PIR (graduation) was exceptional. She did very well in her training and had the honor of carrying her division's flag. She was right up front and when they called liberty, all the parents and families rushed to the drill hall floor to be with their sailors. This experience has been up and down for me because during her boot camp weeks, I was unable to call her when I wanted to, wasn't able to see her and just had to wait on her letters and very infrequent calls. She has accomplished something big in her life and is now onto the next phase of schooling and learning. She will have a wonderful future, and that makes me very proud !

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Divapalooza said...

Congratulations Proud Momma!!!