Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When Does A Mother Let Go and Accept Her Empty-nestedness ?

It seems like forever that I have written in this blog, and I don't mean to neglect it, but I have had so much happening in my life. As far as my youngest daughter is concerned, I miss her with every fiber of my being. I miss those days of us going out to eat as a family, shopping and going to the grocery store to find the ingredients to bake something special, and I miss just having her around. She was so much company for me. She is now in the Navy as I have said before, and she is doing VERY well for herself. She's learning so much and has a very full- filling life of helping others. That's what she wanted and she has gone straight for her goals. I am a very proud mother. In times of troubles, I always remind her to think things over and not make any quick decisions and to pray about it. She is married now, and they have a child, and he's so freakin adorable. I am a proud grandmother as well. But that still doesn't answer my questions about how to let go. I know that she lives very far away from me now, but still find interest in her daily life and sometimes find myself giving her advice, even when she hasn't asked for it. It's so hard to step back and allow her to make decisions when I am so used to being the one that she always came to. She has her hubby now, and I love him dearly and am proud of the man he is and how wonderfully he treats my daughter. I myself, have a husband who is wonderful, but he doesn't talk much. He doesn't like to discuss anything and I do not have any super close friends.  I have friends, but don't see them much. How do I learn how to step back and just watch?  How do other mother's step back?  Any suggestions?  Maybe I just need to find myself a new hobby....

Monday, July 15, 2013

That Darned Ole Empty Nest Syndrome Is Bothering Me Again!

It's been only days but it seems like an eternity that I have heard from my youngest daughter, who has been up to her eyeballs in diapers, bottles and a hubby and job, but I miss her so much. I don't think that our children understand how hard it is to just let go of them once they leave. I am missing her being at home, I miss her helping me with every day things like going to the store or the grocery and even out to eat. But she's grown, and she's a long way from home. It's not like I have other kids, I DO!  and I miss them as well, but I guess the other ones have been gone a whole lot longer than my baby.  I am very proud of the young woman that she has become, as well as my other two grown daughters.  They have given me a full life and a ton of love. And each one is different, each in their own way. How do we get over that empty nest feeling? I have been told by many that now is MY time, and for me to enjoy but it's hard to get used to. I know that with time, I will find things to keep myself busy. Now, what kind of hobby do I need to take up?  LOL

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Young People Living Together

So, now all of my children are adults, and I am living the empty nest life, however....I DO have grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter is now 20 years old,( and yes,) she is the same age as my youngest daughter, and I know that sounds strange but that's how it is! My darling granddaughter has just moved out of her family home and into the home of a boyfriend and his parents. I guess there are more grown children living at home that there used to be in my day of growing up. She has done pretty well for herself though because she is a licensed cosmetologist and is still in college for business classes, she works and that's her life right now. I was very uneasy about her moving out, and of course being my first and oldest grandchild worried about her moving in with her boyfriend. I think that I worry about her just as much as if she were one of my own children. When is it the right time to move in with a boyfriend? Is it better than just getting married first? How do they take care of finances and how do they split living expenses?  I am just curious, as they are young. I guess they must look at it as if they want to split up at any point, they are free and do not have to go through the paper work as if married people do. This seems to be the normal thing these days. How do you feel about it?