Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meet "Frenchie"

Meet "French Groom"
She is a 5 yr. old filly, quarterhorse, who is now my daughter's new horse. Her nickname is "Frenchie". Isn't she a beauty? She is 15.2hh tall and my darling daughter is so excited about her that she already went and bought a bright red halter for her very own to wear. Frenchie was going to be a racehorse, in fact, they were going to race her in 3 more weeks. The owner was such a wonderful man and sold her to us for my daughter to have her dream. He said that he was really glad for "Frenchie" too. Now my daughter is going to begin with training her so that she can show her and eventually put her in the English jumping ring. Isn't it wonderful to see your daughter's or son's dream come true? I am so happy for her.

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