Sunday, December 30, 2007

I will Soon Be Planning My Own Daughter's Quinceneara

Planning a Quinceneara can be mind boggling to say the least. The picture below in the wordless wednesday is actually my daughter's best friend and she posed for this picture before hers so that she could put it on her invitations. I was so pleased because I am the one who actually took the picture. In some of my upcoming blogging, I will talk about getting ready for my darling daughter's quinceneara. This is actually a very large party for a girl who is turning 15 years old. My oh my, it kind of scares me because it means that sometime after that, she is going to want to learn to drive. I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season. We are. My darling daughter has been cleaning her room today and doing some laundry. Fun, huh?


hipmommy from Hip Mommy's Place said...

Wow, you have a lot of planning to do! Hope everything goes well for you and your daughter:-) I am wishing you and your family to have a great 2008!
Happy New Year! Hipmommy from Hip Mommy's Place

Debbie said...

Thankyou so much. yes, we will have alot of planning coming up, but thankfully, we have some family and friends that are going to help sponser some of it.