Monday, December 3, 2007

Talking With Our Teens

Having a teen in the home can be very enjoyable or it can also be very worrysome. Try to keep the lines of communication open with your teen, whether it be short and sweet or a conversation about something they like talking about. If your teen shows an interest in a particular sport, talk with them about it and if you don't know anything about that sport, your teen can teach you more about it. When our children grow out of that "kid" stage (you know, the one that WANTS to go everywhere with you and wants to participate in everything) and grows into this teen, who is now trying to learn about becoming more independent, they go through alot of changes. We went through this ourselves growing up, but they don't often realize that we have been through the things that they are starting to encounter. They can often be "know-it-alls" and that can be annoying. Try using some patience with them and start off with easy, "lite" conversations. That can certainly go a long way in starting the communications going once again.

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kailani said...

My daughters are still young but I can already see signs of them testing their independence. I'm dreading the teen years! LOL!

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