Monday, December 10, 2007

Working Towards A Goal

Even though it's Christmas time and everyone seems to be out and about, shopping for their friends and family, I still believe that there are some things that our children should make a goal to work towards. A couple of friends of mine have told me how their credit card has been on fire with all the purchases they have been making. I tell you, I have been out spending like everyone else as well, but with cash that I had saved throughout the year so I wouldn't have to use my credit card much. Anyways, my darling daughter has found everything on earth that she wants this year and I had to find a way to slow things down a bit. She gave me a nice list, which I bought early and then after all was said and done, she decided that she wanted a new electric guitar. Yes, my 14 yr old has decided that she wanted to learn how to play. She already has 2 flutes that she has for the band but now she wants to try something new. I felt like I was stuck in a pickle because I had already purchased her gifts. Let me tell you, her desire was to have that guitar and I asked her if she was willing to put it in layaway, and she said yes. This turned out to be the best thing ever, because she found a guitar at a very reasonable price. (119.00). She then did some babysitting and every time she had money, she would go and pay on it. She had some pennies she had been given awhile back and some she'd saved along the years, cashed in at nearly $40, and that also went towards the guitar. Her grandpa's Christmas money came in and she paid on it once again. This afternoon, her grandma's Christmas money went to pay it off. She walked out of that guitar shop with a very nice electric guitar, and along the way, she learned how to gather her own money to get something that she wanted. Do you suppose that she will take better care of it since she had to buy it herself? Well, if you knew my daughter, the answer is YES !!!! and boy am I glad.

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