Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Hard Lesson About Boys

Boys will come and go. Some boys can really break your heart. There may be alot of "caring" or "really nice" boys out there for you to date, my darling daughter, but you need to learn something about them before deciding if they are worthy of a date. Perhaps it's not a date we are talking about, but having them for more than just a friend.
1. First of all, besides a cute face, they need to have some sort of a brain inside that head. They need to be somewhat interested in school if they are going to be smart enough to go on to college or trade school some day.
2. Boys need to have some manners about them, as you certainly don't want to have to deal with one who burps and farts out loud and embarrass you in public.
3. You need to know something about his likes and dislikes to see if you have something in common.
4. Learn about his background. Not a background check or anything like that, but you need to know if he smokes or drinks or has anything bad that he does because you certainly don't want to have a boy who does something you are against.
5. Has he had alot of girlfriends? Does he skip and hop from one to another? This might not be a good sign if he does.
6. Respectful, and not that this is last or least, but actually one of the most important things. He needs to have respect for your feelings and not be someone who wants to push you into doing anything you shouldn't be doing.
7. Go with your gut instinct about what's right or wrong. Don't ever compromise your values.

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