Monday, January 14, 2008

Quinceanera Planning

Today was another day of planning. I have begun the planning of my daughter's quinceanera. First of all, the date and place is the most important. I called around tons of locations, trying to find the date or somewhere's near to it that we could find. Here are a few of the places and prices I found today.
1. Our local park with a large building on it which holds plenty of people is booked up for a whole year, but it was close to the total of 725.00
2. The Chapperal was where my daughter wanted it to be, however, it has gone up to $800 for the rental with clean-up included, but I can only get it from 7 pm-midnight, with any decorating beforehand costing $100 hr.
3. Most other places were comparable in price, but I think that I have gotten the list down to a Knights of Columbus, or two different VFW's in the area.
Once we have secured our location, we will be looking for her dress. Geez, that's not gonna be easy, is it?

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Barbara said...

I think it would be interesting to hear about your quinceanera to see whether expectations have changed over time. I don't know much about the celebration and will be checking back to learn more. Good luck with all of the details and decisions.