Sunday, February 10, 2008

"I Want To Drive"

Boy oh boy ! I was not prepared to hear those words from my daughter just yet. She hasn't turned 15 yet, but she's ready to drive. Actually, it's a little more involved than that. She thinks it's so easy, to just hop in the car, and take off. Oh wow, she's got a lot to learn. We have a choice here, and I think that we will be offering her driver's ed classes next Christmas, at which time she will be 15 and it will give me a little more time to adjust here. Maybe it's because she's my last child, my baby, or maybe I just can't imagine her being ready to drive. I will say one thing though, she is very responsible, and that I am glad.

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Amanda Roberts said...

Your lucky she has just started now, I devoured the driver's handbook the day I turned 13 and begged to drive everyday until I got my permit (and from then until I got my license). If you're not willing to start teaching her on her own now, have her read the manual and give her some information about how a car works. You wold be surprised how few people actually know why the car does what it does, what each fluid type is for, etc. Good luck!