Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taking On New Challenges

As my daughter grows, more and more, she is becoming a wonderful young lady. I have been trying to teach her the importance of learning how to cook and do things for herself so that she will know how to do these things when she's out on her own. My birthday was last Monday and I just so happened to go out for dinner, and when I came back home, she had baked me a cake. It was a homemade yellow cake that she had found the recipe online for. It was not iced, she she became inventive and arranged some chocolate chips on it while it was still warm, and then she sliced up some strawberries. It was such a wonderful cake and boy was it delicious. Amazed and astounded, my other grown children were suprized that she was able to do this alone, but suddenly had to realize that she is growing up. What a lovely birthday cake !!! Teach your daughters how to take on new challenges, not only is it a great learning experience, it can be fun too !!

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