Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Our Household

Hurricane Ike was such a furious storm and it hit our neighborhood with a big punch. All up and down our block were trees fallen over, falling in front of houses, on the streets as well. I personally know of 2 people who completely lost their homes. Nothing left !!! I am very greatful that it didn't happen to us. Although I have such a tiny home, it did it's job and stood up. We went for a week with no electricity at all. I have to tell you, that bathtub was colder than ice, but I washed, knowing that we had survived it all. My lovely teen was pretty brave through the whole experience too and got through it, just like I did. Having family to show us support really meant alot to us, and I thank them for that. What do you do to prepare for a natural disaster? Always make sure that you have some gas in your tank.....make sure that you have access to some cash in case the banks cannot open. Make sure to have neccessary items such as candles, flashlights, medicines and extra food put aside.

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