Thursday, October 30, 2008

Driving Responsibility

My dear darling daughter is 15 going on 24 years old. We all know that teens think that they know it all, but honestly, they do need guidance. Right now, I think that drivers ed, although it costs an arm and a leg, is still a very good idea because they have to go to class, they get to sit down and see videos and take tests as well as get their driving skills by driving with an instructor beside them. All my other 4 before her went to drivers ed. I know that they also offer a parent-teaching class, and this is great for the ones who like this process, but I could never get my children to listen to me on the rules like I knew that they would for someone teaching a drivers ed class. What age do you think is a perfect age for a teen to start driving? Although I tend to think that they should be older than what they get to be to drive, I honestly have to say that it also depends on how mature your teen is and how responsible you think that they are.

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