Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Time And A Place For Everything

These days have been terribly busy and I am glad that my teen isn't saying she's bored. Although extrememly busy, where does one find the time to do everything that's on the agenda? Sometimes there isn't enough time to get it all done in a whole day, and that's okay. There ae days and times when we just have to take time to "smell the roses", and just relax. I think that effective planning does help, but it's not somethng that has to be stuck in glue. Making a list of things that need to get done is good, something to go by, but not set in stone. I want my daughter to work part time but I don't want her to get burnt out by working at an early age. I want her to see that working is good, great excercise, money in the pocket but there is also time for the fun things in life as well. Spending days off doing summer fun activities is important and will make having to go to work more pleasurable. There's a time and place for everything....enjoy your summer!

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