Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buying For Others.....The Joy Of Giving

Every year, especially at Christmas time, I get the long list of what my darling daughter wants for Christmas. I got that this year, but I also noticed a part of her that changed a little....she was buying for others. She is finally learning the joy of giving out gifts, as well as recieving them. What a blessing this Christmas was.
Not only did I get a gift, but she gave out to several of her friends and family too. I didn't see her buy anything for her father, and I think that's because he never comes around. I don't think that he even called her or texted her either. But life went on, and it was good.
Trying to raise a responsible teen is challenging, to say the least.....but it is very rewarding to see when they have done something grown up without you having to remind them.


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