Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miss Frenchie

This is Frenchie, my daughter's horse, and she is a beauty....however, look at those feet! Her hooves are really dirty because she has been tromping around in the mud. We keep Miss Frenchie at a barn that provides alot of care, but my daughter still has to take care of cleaning and picking her hooves, and giving her baths, and riding her, teaching her as well as her grooming. Having a horse was a long-time dream of my daughter's and she has done really well with the upkeep. Having a horse is a very large responsibility. Buying the horse is NOT the largest expense....it's the upkeep, food, etc. Not only that, my daughter is into equestrian jumping so that's even more responsibility. As a mother, I DO shreak when I see her jumping over the jumps they have to do, but with a helmet and a good teacher, it's good. School is going wonderfully, and her junior year is half over. Her job is still VERY part time and she'd love to have more hours but her job is busier during the holidays and summer so right now things are a bit slow. Does your daughter have a hobby, or some sort of entertainment that keeps her busy?


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