Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teens and Dating

My darling teen had been going with a guy for a couple of years, and I thought back to my teen years and remembered how I had not gone with anyone for much of a length in time, but my daughter had spent the last nearly 3 years with this one particular guy. He is nice, and I really like him alot, but after seeing her crying time after time again, I didn't know how long she was going to keep going through it, and I reminded her that she is only a teen with many years of dealing with boyfriends and men, and as with most of us, time wears upon us when things are bad, and then one day, we wake up and do something about it.well.... she broke it off at the end of school and it's been hard. Hard on her, hard on him, and hard on me as well, having to hear it all. I am a good listener, and I had to be there for her.
During the summer, my daughter has developed new friends, but has not gone out with anyone else. Most of her friends are guys, because she doesn't like all the drama with the girls, but she DOES have some close friends as girls as well. School's about to be back in session, and my daughter is going to be a senior this year. She said that she just wants to take it easy and enjoy this last year without having a steady guy, or someone to tell her what she can and can't do. I feel so sad for her past guy, but I do understand how she feels. Hopefully this year will bring her alot of joy, especially with this being the last year.

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