Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prom Is Up And Coming Soon

This is my daughter's final year, a senior, who seems to be very happy with life, fulfilled with all that she is accomplishing and almost out of high school. Prom is just under a month away and the dress hunting has already begun. I thought that she would have found something by now, but the hunt continues...and woah! the prices are more than a hundred dollars....and most of the ones she likes are right under $200. All the plans are coming into focus right now but she started to mention that all of her friends were wanting to rent a beach house and I was starting to get queasy about it, but soon after, those plans seemed to fade away, which made things a little more easier for me. Prom, graduation, the thought of her going into the Navy or College, and her 18th birthday is so much that it makes my head spin, as well as the all-mighty dollar needing to be spent.

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