Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frenchie Has Been Relocated!

Getting my daughter's horse, Frenchie, moved to a location closer was a very difficult chore, indeed. Everything was lined up,  and I even paid for the first 2 days of the month, even though we moved out before the 5th. I wanted to be fair and correct. We got there, and our previous owner handed me our coggins papers for the move..With Frenchie on a lead rope, we brought her out to the trailer. She would not go in. I, in the meantime, talked to the helping hand who does all the feeding and such.. He told me what they had changed her food into, and showed me how much food she gets, which was good because the previous owner would not tell me, even though I asked her. She came from behind us, was very angry that he told me what I wanted to know, but I didn't let her bother me. When I asked her for a handful of feed to help get our horse loaded, she refused. I told her that since I paid her for the whole day, and it was only morning, couldn't she help me.  Again, she refused...and told me that she didn't have enough feed. So, what did that mean? Would our horse have gotten skinny because she was short on feed, if I had left her? I begged with her again, and she finally gave us a small amount. With that, we were successful at getting Frenchie loaded and trailored to her new home. She has been there a good week now and I am very pleased. Frenchie is eating, and at that, it's a better quality feed. I am paying more for board, but that's okay. I am happy, I am content, and am so glad it's done. Now, Frenchie is doing wonderfully...Thank God for that miracle.

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