Monday, March 12, 2007

more loving advice

1. Take care of your body.
Not only does that mean just taking a shower daily, but washing your face to keep up with dirt that gets into your pores. Pimples are no fun, especially when you are a teen. Along with taking care of your body, goes not sunbathing too much. I know you want that tan look, but apply good sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. It also keeps your skin from looking too wrinkled earlier than it should.
2. Dental care is essential.
Don't take your teeth for granted while you are young. As you get older, your teeth aren't as strong and healthy as they once were. Brush and floss those teeth every morning and every evening before bed. Cavities not only get in a tooth, they can also get between them and cause alot of pain.
3. Hair care.....not only keeping up with washing, but proper drying and brushing are also very important. In today's youngsters, I see alot of hair dye, and that means taking extra care.
4. Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed earlier on school nights to get the proper amount of sleep.. They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing. Your body and skin need sleep to repair itself at night. Plus, it's good to get that extra rest on a school night to be able to function the next day.
5. Eat well. Sugary snacks are delicious, but they don't supply the body with nothing but empty calories. Go for that apple, grapes, orange or some other sort of fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth. What you put into your body shows !!!

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