Wednesday, March 7, 2007

learning how to cook

Although my daughter is now 13, she has been dipping her hand into the kitchen for the past year. Yes, of course, when she was younger, she learned how to make toast and some of those easier things, but now, she is cooking 1 night a week. We first started with her helping me, and then graduated to her doing some things on her own, of course with mom watching some.
We first started with Hamburger Helper. Easy enough to learn but making sure that she drain the hamburger before adding the other stuff was one thing. Now, she has graduated onto some of those chicken helpers. Last week, she made tacos, rice and some beans. She is learning how to do some things that I didn't learn when I was her age. I think not only does she need to know how to cook, so she can do that for herself when she's out and on her own in years to come, but she is also learning how to follow the directions on the box. She is learning measuring cup measures and finding out that she can do things on her own. As she gets older, and a bit more knowlegable in the kitchen, she will start learning to make more challenging meals.
Learning how to cook can be very rewarding... and it also builds some one on one time with your daughter.

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