Friday, April 13, 2007

Be kind with your words

You might think me silly, or terribly old fashioned, but I am. I will admit it. This hip-hop old granny has a few things to say. This not only goes to my darling teen daughter, but to all my grandchildren as well.
There are some words that are known as BAD words as in cuss words, but the words that I am talking about are different. Words that young people use to describe others can be very hurtful. Don't call anyone "fat" - "chubby"- "ugly"- "stupid"- "dumb"- and other such words to describe others that are demean them, because these words are what I call BAD words too. Now, you might be with one of your friends and call them one of these words in fun or games, but there's nothing funny or cute about these words. Take this to heart. You wouldn't want to be called this. Those words are hurtful. They make people feel bad, and you don't want that.
Please watch what you say and how you say things. Stop that think about things you say. Learn to watch your tongue. As My grandma and my mother before me always told me this old saying: "IF you can't say something nice, then DON"T say ANYTHING at all".

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