Saturday, April 14, 2007

Keep your hands off things that don't belong to you

I see so many teens at the mall these days. Teens enjoy going and shopping just as much as us adults. Today I decided to go to the movies with my hubby and daughter and we took our granddaughter. We grabbed a small bite to eat and proceeded to the movie. We got out and decided to take a look around. We happened to see a teen being arrested at the jewelry store... not a real jewelry store but one that the teens like to visit most. The lady was going through all the things that she took. There were 2 security guard cops there watching as this went on. The girl was in tears. She had surely gotten caught and now she was going to have to face what was to come next. They handcuffed her in front of everyone, took her down the hall and called her mother. I couldn't help but feel sorry for what her future was going to bring. How could she not notice all the mirrors in that place? How could she do something that would embarass her so? Why did she need to do this when she clearly had money in her back pocket? Those questions are probably something that she didn't even think about. She probably thought she wouldn't get caught. She was clearly a young teen and must not have known that the store is much smarter and more experienced in watching for this. What ever the reason is unknown. My heart went out to her mother, her family and the embarrassment. Young people feel fearless in some things, feeling that nothing can happen to them......oh, but it can and it does. Dear daughter of mine, please keep your eyes open and see that things CAN and DO happen. Always keep your hands to yourself and never be tempted into doing something like this, as this is something that can cost you a whole lot of heartache down the road. As we drove home, we talked about the incident that we saw and my daughter reassured me that she knows never to do this......and I sit right here thanking GOD. Teens often do things without thinking. Talk to your teen daughter about these kinds of things if you haven't already.

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