Sunday, April 29, 2007

Listening to your elders

My daughter went to the park the other evening for a birthday party. Very close to the house, actually several blocks away. Alot of girls were to be there and on Friday night's there's always an old car show, which we also go to. We dropped her and my granddaughter off and I told them "DO NOT LEAVE THE PARK". We were supposed to pick them up at 9 pm but I wasn't comfortable about that so we ended up going at 8pm, which the party was actually over and the girls were all walking around but it was not near our house. We looked at the cars, then over to get the girls, and my darling daughter was good and was still in the park, however, my granddaughter was walking away from the park and was about 2 blocks down. She was with another girl and they were trying to get the attention of another girl that they didn't know because the other girl was trying to start some trouble by saying ugly things. Well, we called for her and she saw us and came back. She was in lots of trouble because we told her not to leave the park. My point here is this: Not only do I expect my daughter and granddaughter to mind what I say, but there's a reason for it as well. In this day and age, there are many bad things happening out there. Especially in the dark. There are kids being picked up all over the place and it's just not safe to venture out like that. In the park, there were the adults from the party, plus it's all lit up. Walking down the streets were no lights and it's just not safe. I want to be obeyed, not only because I am the parent, but because there's a reason behind what I say. Listening to your elders is what's best in today's world and sometimes teens think that they don't need to listen because they are brave at this age and trying to learn how to be upcoming adults, but they really need our guidance during this time of growing.

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