Monday, April 30, 2007

school grades

I am sitting here wondering if my daughter has passed her math for the semester. I tried calling her math teacher and have attempted 2 emails with no luck at all. I thought that most teachers get back to the parents rather quickly, but I guess not in this case. Our school system has something called k-12 planet which is actually a wonderful program to see their grades and what's going on daily in classes. My daughter is only 1 point away from getting an F. Actually, this is her only bad class. She excels in everything else. Math just isn't her subject. I emailed the teacher last week, no, maybe it's been 2 weeks to see what she could do to maybe make up a point or two, which happened and now is sitting at a "D" but progress reports did not come out Friday like the notes all said and I am due to call the school here shortly to find out her grade, to see if she is able to go on a school field trip. I think that's great that they are awarded special events trips when they do well. Wonder if it's that way around everywhere?


Kendra said...

Good luck with your daughter's grades. As a former education major, I talked with teachers CONSTANTLY! It was said over and over that it is hard to fail, or even give D's to any student that shows an effort. If she goes up to the teacher personally and asks for help, he/she might have a little bit of a soft spot for her. Just a thought.

Debbie said...

Thank you so much. I know that she is trying but this particular teacher did finally email me back today and although we think there may be summer school, we are still not sure because she's right on the border line and still have 3 weeks to go.