Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Going To High School

Next year, my daughter will start high school. She has made so many friends here at the intermediate school, and our city has built a new high school so many of her friends will be going there. Last night was the orientation for band. We watched as the people poured in and only to find that 4 students from her band now will be going with her to this particular high school. But there were SO many other students. I asked one of the ladies there and she proceeded to tell me that 3 other schools will be attending as well. My daughter will have to make some new band buddies next year, but luckily she will start marching camp at the end of this month, and again go back 2 weeks before school starts for more band practice. That will be good so my daughter can make some new friends. She was very nervous about going to the meeting in the first place, however, I think that she will be fine..at the end of the meeting, one of the guys that she knows came up and talked to her and that seemed to help a little. I can SO remember those days of going to a new school and having to meet new people. I have every confidence that she will good. And so, to my dear daughter, my advice would be: "There are so many people out in this big old world, and you have to learn how to make friends, while still learning how to keep those treasured "old" friends as well. But make sure to choose your friends wisely."

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