Sunday, May 20, 2007

Graduation coming up

Tomorrow will be graduation day for intermediate school and getting ready for high school. We went and picked out a nice dress, not too fancy, but since we cannot wear spaghetti straps, we bought a short sweater to go over the top, and some heels but not too tall, and jewelry to go with it. What a wonderful time in life this is. My daughter who I don't see but twice a year drove down to visit and she is a hair stylist just like my oldest daughter, and she decided to fix up my youngest daughter's hair for graduation. It turned out so lovely. My dear darling daughter says:"All my friends are wearing skirts and blouses", but this time, a skirt and blouse just didn't fit the bill here. My youngest has very thin, long legs and the skirts just didn't look right on her so she found a great dress. This is one time in life, dear daughter, that you have to learn that it's ok to be different. Don't be exactly like your friends. You are YOU and you are special. It's good to be different sometimes. "Please know, that I am extremely proud of you and I want your graduation to be a wonderful experience for you, and you will be a very lovely beauty in the midst of all the rest because you are a special jewel".