Saturday, May 26, 2007

The end of intermediate school

Graduation day came and went. Believe it or not, not ALL the girls wore skirts and blouses like my daughter thought they would be....some actually wore dresses. There were so many people packed into the gym and the ceremony was great. The awards ceremony was long but well worth it, especially since my daughter got an award that she was not expecting to get. Oh I was so proud of her, and I sat there with my digital camera thinking about the fact that I was also glad that I didn't have that old video camera of yesteryear that when you took the video, you had to put your eye up to the lens, because it would always get clouded up when I would cry being so happy and proud of my daughter doing something great. Here she was, accomplishing a graduation from intermediate into high school. What a great time in her life. I left after it was done, knowing that she was going to be given a luncheon from the school and a dance and then I would go and pick her up. When I picked her up, she was sad. She had to say goodbye to a great school, and many of her good friends that she would not see next year, due to our city building a new high school and splitting up the kids. But I have assured her that she will make more new friends next year, especially in band camp, and she can always keep the old ones by calling them and seeing them some during the summer. What a very happy, and sad day all in one. It's hard seeing her go through so many emotions all in one day. But she will be fine, I just know it.

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