Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teen money and clothing

Money is a very touchy subject to alot of people, but to teens, it's more like water. When I grew up, money came easily. My dad would give me money to go and spend, and that was back in the 70's. My parents paid me for getting good report card grades, allowance to keep my room clean, but I didn't really have alot of chores. I didn't really learn what it was in life to have to work hard at earning a buck. My dad just made good money and we didn't have to worry. Some people DO make good salaries but it seems like it takes both parents working to be able to make it good these days. The cost of housing, electricity and such has really sky-rocketed. And man, the price of buying groceries these days is way out the roof. My point here, is that going to school puts kids from all incomes together. My dear daughter, sometimes you gotta realize that some of your friends might have fancy clothing, and that's all well and good, but then there are others who are barely able to afford the clothing they have. It's all good because it's not the clothing that makes the person who they are. It's the personality, their kindness, their smile, and the way they are that is most important in life. Clothing and jewelry is just on the outside. Always look at a person on the inside. That's what's most important. Money is nice to have, but money does not always make that person better because he can buy nicer and fancier clothing. Designer jeans are nice for the ones who want them, but they are not necessary in life to make YOU a better person. Only your kindness, personality and the way you help others in life is what makes a great person.

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Jessica said...

Great post! You are so right...it's who you are on the inside that makes you who you are. It's too bad kids judge you by what you wear and how much money you have.
I don't know what I'm going to do when my son is in high school! He doesn't care about brand names or even about looking good right now but I'm sure all that will change when he gets older (he's 9). We have already told him that we'll buy him the basics but if he wants the brand name stuff he's going to have pay for it himself. He gets an allowance and has a whole list of chores (he does his own laundry, folds his cloths, sweeps the kitchen, cleans the countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen, wipes down the dining room table, and makes his own bed). I'm trying to teach him about the value of money and I'd like him to learn how to take care of himself (my mom never taught me...she did everything for me).