Friday, May 4, 2007

What to wear today?

After such a busy week, orientation at the new high school and band physical, getting ready for a band contest trip, things have surely been hectic around this place for sure. This morning, my daughter comes to me and tells me that they are having this "hug a tree" thing at their school. "ok" I replied. what else will they come up with next? That's good though, because they are thinking about our environment. So, what was on her mind this morning? It was what to wear. They normally have dress code, but this morning, they were allowed to wear a tie-dyed shirt. She had 2. At this age, it's normal for them to start being more choosy on what they wear. Dear daughter, please find SOMETHING nice to wear because you look great in EVERYTHING !!!!! well, as long as it's not anything too tight or vulgar....

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