Sunday, May 6, 2007

Your local library

Today is Sunday, and like most Sundays, life seems to slow down a bit, and give me a chance to rest some. At times I feel like the day goes slower than the rest of the days of the week. I know for my dear daughter, this is the very day of the week that she seems to find herself bored. I decided to take her to the local dollar store, and we took a ride to our local library to return her books in the outside slot as they were due. Well, much to my suprize, that library was OPEN----wow. We came back home after returning the books and she seemed like she was searching for something to do. I told her that I would take her and my 2 granddaughters back to the library if they would like to go. Sure enough, an hour later, I drove them back and they spent an hour there, going through the books and checking some out. Now, some libraries are not open on Sundays, and I am shocked ours was, but libraries really do offer our youngins alot these days. Not only can they browse the books, they have magazines as well. What a great deal and it also encourages them to read more. In my daughter's case, it has really helped her reading, especially since she didn't like to she does. yippeeeee.

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