Thursday, June 21, 2007

Slow Summer Days

Summer is a lovely time when many people take vacations and have "free" time to go different places, but what about those people who can't go on vacation? Teens are out of school, and if you work all day, you have to worry about what they are doing all day long... well, maybe some don't worry, but what do those teens do while you are working all day?Luckily, I have my own business and only work part time so I don't have to worry as much. I have searched high and low for programs for my young teen and have finally come up with a solution. Our local library and city (although small) offers some classes for a month or maybe 2. I found a tennis begginners class that my daughter was interested in and for 6 classes, about 2 hours each, it was only $50. for the whole thing. That was perfect for her and for me because it's less than let's say, gymnastics or some of the other programs you can find. Plus, this is only for the month of July and that is good, since band camp will start in August. Although she is going to the horse stables once or twice a week, she STILL complains of the boredom. I guess next time I hear that famous old saying "I'm Bored" I am going to take her the cleaning supplies! haha..

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