Friday, June 8, 2007

summer happenings

Here we are just barely starting our summer and so far, things are going good. There are days where we are so busy our teeth Some days are filled with errands and chores, but whatever is going on, days come and go. I have noticed my daughter being a little restless for the past week. We are close, but I don't like to pry and when I do, I try to tread lightly. I knew that sooner or later, I would hear about what was going on with her, because we are close and she usually tells me. Well, she finally told me something yesterday. Seems that she is starting to miss some of her friends from school. Mostly, the ones who will be going to the new school next year. I feel bad for her because she is going to have to start making new friends again next year and won't know most. But I feel that this could become a positive experience, it's just getting past the fear of the unknown. I have encouraged her to keep in touch with her old friends through phone and internet contact, so that's been some comfort. She has also been going to our local library and seems that alot of teens go there as well. Hopefully summer will go by quickly and she will start back in band camp and meet more friends there too.

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