Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Having Quiet Time

This weekend has been so joyous for me and I have to say that I had expected more hustle and bustle this early on in the summer.....however, things have stayed rather simple and quiet. Sunday, my hubby worked all day long. My daughter and I were the only ones home and we spend a very peaceful day together. We spent some time going to the store and picking up a few things, but for the most part, we were at home. The TV stayed off for a little while and she found things to do and I worked around the house, leisurely and I felt like I had been missing this part in my life for such a long time. Do you ever get the chance to just "do nothing?" Oh, it was wonderful. I sat and drank some coffee in the morning and read all the ads out of the Sunday paper while my dear daughter got her bed linens washed and played with the dogs. We did end up watching a couple of cooking shows which we love to do together, but that small time of silence was GOLDEN !!!!!!

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