Friday, July 6, 2007

Fathers and Daughters

What do you do when your daughter's stepdad is more than her own dad? Such is the case here and I am here to tell you, I have been through it myself. I know that having a stepdad can be such a rewarding thing to a girl, but having your real dad around is so important. My Ex has decided to only come and see our daughter when he feels like it. He was never much a family man when we were together, but now he is really showing it. I have given him actually cart blanche here, allowing him to show up whenever he can, or take her out when his work schedule permits, but he doesn't take much advantage of it. He is self employed, only lives 7 minutes away, and refuses to take her over a weekend, much less one night, so I have allowed him to come and take her to dinner, or shopping, or whatever, WHENEVER he feels available. He gets along with my present hubby but just doesn't take the time. When he DOES have the time, he picks her up for dinner, and brings her right back. I feel so horrible for my daughter, especially since I have been through it myself, but what can a mother do? My hubby has more than stepped in the role of being a step-dad, and they get along wonderfully. I just have to wonder what in the heck is her real dad thinking? She is such a wonderful person to be with and she is growing up so quickly. Makes me wonder why he can't stop and take the opportunity to be a real dad.

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