Friday, July 6, 2007

Spending Time with my Teen

My daughter is having a great summer. She hasn't told me once that famous saying that I've heard so many other times "I'm Bored". Thank goodness for that. She has even started helping more around the house without my asking for it. Wow, miracle. She has started showing even more interest in taking care of her clothing and we went and bought some woolite for her delicate things. She has started showing more interest in cooking, and has even made homemade banana cake that we found the recipe for online. I believe that spending quality time with my teen has really been good for both of us. Sometimes after I pick her up from the horse stables, we will go and have some "us" time and grab a bite to eat together, and I let her choose where she wants to go. I am really enjoying the summer this year. My teen is really been good company, despite the moodiness of that monthly time in life.

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