Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dressing Classy and Stylish

Now that high school has begun for my young teen, we are no longer doing the dress code-thing. I know that there is alot of controversy over dress codes these days but I honestly didn't think they were that bad. Some places, of course, are more stricter than others. I do, though, feel a bit overwhelmed with some of the dress that I have seen some teens wearing these days. We are in a wonderful school district here, but a couple years ago, when my youngest son was going to this high school, I had my fair share of seeing how the kids in school were dressing. I sat in astonishment over the young girls walking through the halls in house slippers, tight --and I mean very tight shirts, and jeans. Some wore tight shorts or short skirts. Now, how do you think that other students are supposed to be able to study with so much other things to look at? My daughter is very conservative, thank goodness. My opinion is that a teen CAN dress nicely and in style without having to wear it skin tight. Choosing the right clothing is very important. Comfortable clothing is a must and there are many great things to choose from without having to be showing too much skin.

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