Saturday, August 25, 2007

Making New Friends in High School

Starting a new year of school is exciting, but can be very much nerve-racking for your teen. This year my dear darling daughter will start high school, as many of you who have followed my blog know, and we are very excited. She is nervous about it, anxious about who will be in her classes but also because this is her first year in a new school where her intermediate school was split up into 2 different high schools this year due to the growth of our city. She has made some new friends in the band during band camp, but not too many of them will be in her classes. So here we go again, with her making more new friends. I have given her some advice here with this. Keep in touch with your friends that you have right now, even though they are not going to be in the same class with you but making new friends is good as well. Choose close friends carefully. Try to make friends with everyone, but take special care at choosing the "really close" friends. Who they hang around with really DOES make a difference in how they act, perform in school and such.

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