Monday, August 20, 2007

Money, Money, Money

I tell you, I wish that times weren't so hard these days. Things seem to cost so much more. We had an experience over the past couple of days that I would like to share with you all. My stepson, a wonderful guy, saw that we were having a little bit of a struggle with school clothes shopping, band uniform and shoes ordering, not to mention all the pens, pencils, papers and such that we were having to buy, that he came out to the kitchen one night, with a large shoe box. Inside the shoebox, was a bunch of change, and some wrappers. He told my daughter, that if we wrapped it, we could use it for clothing and whatever she needed. She and I were both astonished at this very heavy box and were so grateful for whatever would be in it. The next day, I separated the coins, and started the wrapper rolls. My daughter finished the roll, wrapped it up and then began the counting. To our amazement, there was 221.00 there. We were so thrilled. Next it was time for my daughter to learn how to spend this money wisely. Guess what happened next? We took about $60 of it, and went shopping at JCPenney, who had a wonderful sale going on during tax-free weekend. My daughter picked out 10 shirts for school....what a deal !!! She was thrilled, and so was I. Saturday came, and she needed some very important items for her new horse. Again, I grabbed $60, and away we went and found a great sale at Petsmart in the Stateline Tack area and she bought $45. worth of things. This left us enough money to buy a backpack and a new notebook holder. Now, with what's left, she will buy 2 new pair of jeans on sale and put the rest toward that marching band flute that we are set out to buy this afternoon. Teens need to learn the value of the dollar and how to spend their money wisely. Great bargains CAN be had, if you shop around and check the sales racks and the newpapers for what's on sale. Teach you teen how to spend their money wisely. After all, if they learn this while they are young, it will carry them through when they are older and REALLY need to learn how to spend.

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