Monday, September 17, 2007

The Difference in Teen Girls

As I sit here writing, I am confiding something to you. I am a bit worried. I have five children, all are grown, but my young teen. I also have a granddaughter who is a young teen as well. Actually, though it sounds funny, but true, she is the same age as my youngest daughter. They are more different than any two can be, and they don't get along that well. Right now, they live 6 hours away from us but were living here right up until this past summer. My goodness, what a difference they are. My granddaughter is bold, daring(takes chances) and beautiful. She is outspoken but tends to be a bit more "grown up" than my young teen. My young one is well focused, witty, very beautiful and likes to stay busy. One is not worried about her future, and the other one has her future goals set up and ready. I worry about her not having any goals, and the fact that she is much more mature....wearing alot of eye makeup and tighter clothing, speaks her mind and isn't worried too much about much exept for blending in with the cool people. I have suggested to my daughter(her mother) to find something to keep her busy, whether it be some sort of sports, or volunteering but I still worry that she is not keeping herself focused enough. I know, I worry too much here....but I have all too well seen many young teens get into things that they shouldn't. What do you do to keep your teens busy? Mine is in band, and horses and tennis, as many of you that follow this blog know.

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