Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teaching Our Teens about Tragic Situations....

I just heard in the news where a teen or young person has grabbed a gun and thought they could play with it and it goes off. What a tragic thing to have happen. Young people do not realize the dangers of it all. I know that this is a very hard subject to deal with, but do you know what your teen would do if they saw a gun somewhere? How well do you know what they would do? I don't like talking about this subject because it's so scarey for me, but as you hear in the news, it does happen. You can say that your teen will not go anywhere where there may be a gun present, however, what about if your teen goes out somewhere, and then they venture off to another house? You don't know what's there that might be dangerous. It is very frightening to think about the unknown dangers out there. My best advice here would be to talk to your teen about dangers in other places. We teach our young people NOT to get into strangers cars, not to tell strangers our addresses and such, but do we really go further and discuss other dangers such as guns or weapons? Maybe you are scared to approach the subject with them? Maybe you don't have to. Well, many teens who actually end up curious enough to even touch a gun, really don't know anything about them. Teaching our young people about these hidden dangers is VERY important. They need to know that if they get into a situation where someone ELSE wants to explore things that they shouldn't, they should leave the situation so that they will not become involved into something they may get into trouble with. Teach them to walk away from situations that they KNOW are not good. Wisdom is powerful and we need to keep the lines of communication open with them.

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