Tuesday, October 9, 2007

High School Changes Coming

As my daughter gets more grown up by the minute, I am noticing some changes in her. No longer does she just put on the first set of clothing and keep it on. She has come in here 3 different times now to show me different shirts she may wear today. Is this my teen? She usually just puts something on and is ready to go. I know, I know, I have had 4 teens before her, but I suppose I just didn't think that she was ready to go through THIS stage just yet. It just seems so darned important what they wear to school and really, every single shirt she had on this morning was just fine. So far, she hasn't really worn any makeup, which is good.....she is a naturaly beauty, really. She has been developing some new friendships at school, for which I am glad, but I am also noticing that she is starting to have more interest in boys. Oh boy, I am really not ready for this yet......guess I am going to have to have my eyes and ears open at all times. Especially since the Homecoming Dance will be next weekend.

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Angela said...

Our daughter does the same thing your daughter does when it comes to trying on clothes.

My husband and I refer to it as playing fashion show. She will try several pairs of pants and t-shirts before finding just the right set that makes her feel just right depending on the mood she is in.

Heck, she's got a couple of cute tops in her closet with the tags still on from when she bought them at the store.