Friday, October 5, 2007

Shopping For A Christmas Bargain?

I have several grandkids and I have been trying my best to decide just
what I am going to get for them this Christmas. My darling daughter earns money babysitting, so she can buy something special for her nieces and nephews. We have discovered a site for buying toys and electronics at
I have been hearing that so many toys are being recalled these days and
the news is saying is that there may be a toy shortage when it gets
really close to Christmas as when the toys get out of stock, it's hard
for them to reorder and get them back in the stores in time.
is a great way to start your shopping early, and just think about it, you
won't have to get out of the house to shop.
My daughter has been looking at some of the toys here
and there are some pretty great prices. So, have a look for yourself.
See what kind of bargains you can find for your children or grandkids
for the holiday season coming up. Happy Shopping !!!


Deb said...

Im thinking BArnes and NOble gift cards or Macdonald's gift cards, chickfila etc.

Debbie said...

those are some great ideas as well, and they get a choice of things too.