Sunday, October 28, 2007

High School Marching Band

This past week has been a little easier with band not marching every day after school anymore and there are only 2 games left. I have really enjoyed being a part of the band and all it entails. I used to be in the band when I was in high school. The only difference, I played clarinet and my daughter plays the flute. I believe that her being in the band has made a huge difference in her world. She not only has to learn band marching steps, but she has to keep her grades at a passing level, meaning that as soon as something even comes close to the question of getting low, she has to attend to it right away. I think that this is a great experience. She has also learned how to be part of a family, a "band" family. She has truely learned from this experience and I hope that she continues on in the band for all the years she has in high school.

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Patricia said...

Keep up the good work.