Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tackling a Clean Computer Desk

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Hi Everyone... I am participating in this tackle it Tuesday today. I have a big stack of paperwork on my computer and I got on it this morning and got it done. I guess, I need to keep it more cleared off, seeing how my darling teen gets on this computer every day and I want to show her an example of why it should stay fairly clean. This not only helps ME to see where everything is, but it helps her to see why it stays clean is also good for her room as well. You know, teens do love trying on clothes in the morning before school, and then changing their minds about what to wear. My daughter just came to me this morning with 2 different outfits, wanting my opinion about them. Actually, both were suitable, but teens seem to look at things pretty critical. Anyways, this tackle was good for me today.

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