Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Monday--Get Out Of Bed !!!

This weekend went well and we stayed really busy with the football game Friday night, going to the horse stables and shopping for groceries on Saturday, but Sunday, we took a very relaxing day to rest. There were times that we were almost bored out of our skulls on Sunday because there's really not much to do except watch football games on tv, which is something that occurs at our house as much as possible (hubby, of course). This morning it's time to get up and go to school and get back into our weekly routine. Dear daughter of mine, I know you hate getting woke up early, but school is important. Try going to sleep a little bit earlier or taking a nap on Sunday so you will be well rested. Getting plenty of rest is very important. Wake up and get ready for school......and by the way, you might as well smile, because you got the whole day ahead of you.

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hipmommy said...

That's good that you guys were able to relax on Sunday, but I understand about being bored.

I was being lazy yesterday and was in my pajamas all day:-)I finally had some time to relax yesterday but I was bored to death.

Thanks to you, I am smiling more everyday!!!!