Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Unexpected Things Happen

The other day, we went to the barn. Things were going as normal but something out of the ordinary happened. My daughter just fell off her horse. She was riding bareback and as she went over the jump ( a small one), Frenchie turned really fast and off she went. I always sit right there up close to watch because I am a firm believer in keeping an eye out for her while riding, and thank goodness she wasn't hurt. I am also a firm believer in helmets. They are meant to keep our children safe, especially in activities such as horseback riding, or even skateboarding or skating. Bike riders don't always wear their helmets but it can be so very important in their safety. She got up, and got right back on her horse and they went about riding as usual. Always try and keep safe!!!

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hipmommy said...

I'm glad that your daughter did not get hurt. I do see many kids in my neighborhood riding bikes and skateboards not wearing helmets. I usually tell their parents about the importance of wearing a helmet, but they don't say anything. All they tell me is that "my kids don't like to wear helmets". You are a good parent for making sure about your daughter's safety and making your daughter wear helmet!!!!!

hipmommy @Hip Mommy's Place